Promont House, located in Milford, Ohio, is a Grade-II listed building that offers a unique blend of American and European features. Built-in 1852 as a private estate, this magnificent house has become a local landmark and a treasured part of the regional Ohio landscape. Learn information about Milford, OH.

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Originally constructed by a prominent local entrepreneur, the Victorian Italianate-style building is of the utmost importance in terms of both its architectural design and its historical significance. With its many distinctive features, including a six-story, 65-ft-tall cupola, Promont House stands as one of Ohio’s most notable historic homes. Today, Promont House serves as a museum and event venue for the surrounding community. The building, which is open for tours throughout the year, offers visitors an opportunity to experience the elegance and grandeur of this exquisite home. While strolling through the house, visitors can view artifacts from the family’s history, including a remarkable collection of furniture and artwork. In addition to the house’s traditional elements, Promont House also houses a number of special rooms where visitors can enjoy a range of activities. From recreational rooms to dining spaces, the estate has something for every taste and interest. Guests can also take advantage of the various educational programs offered at the site, which feature a range of topics such as local history, architecture, and design. Discover facts about Introduction to the Cincinnati Nature Center.