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Substance Abuse Program Treatment Services

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Program

The Ridge offers a comfortable, serene, and private setting for residential addiction treatment focused on helping patients overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Our 30 day substance abuse program is centered on a structured schedule facilitated by our licensed, highly experienced medical staff and counselors. Our patients benefit not only from the comfortable environment of the facility and the focused medical care, but also from the structured daily activities led by professional staff, the emphasis on family involvement and wellness activities to address full-body recovery.

The Ridge partners with in-home intervention assistance professionals to help families get patients to accept treatment.

The Ridge’s Substance Abuse Program

When necessary, we provide initial detoxification services as part of the substance abuse program, which are supervised by physicians and nurses. This treatment typically lasts 3-5 days during the beginning of a patient’s residential addiction treatment. The program then incorporates the elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)12-step facilitation programs, group therapy, and one-on-one treatment. Family visits and participation are a valuable, encouraged part of recovery. Although our residential addiction treatment program lasts a minimum of 30 days, extended stays can easily be arranged for patients who require it. Patients can also expect the following therapeutic components in their clinical care experience:

  • Meditation Groups
  • Reading / Writing Assignments
  • Individual Counseling
  • Treatment Team Meetings
  • Exercise / Recreational Activities
  • Free Time
  • 12-Step Meetings (AA / NA)

The Ridge Nutritional Menu

In addition to these structured components of residential addiction treatment, patients are provided hearty meals prepared by our in-house chef. One of the difficult aspects of the substance abuse recovery process is the poor nutrition resulting from drug and alcohol addiction. The Ridge’s chef will address this problem by providing healthy, restorative meals for each patient, taking into account, as much as possible, food preferences and any allergies.

Physical Fitness Therapy

Exercise is also imperative to full-body wellness, and The Ridge offers exercise options to complement the substance abuse program such as swimming, a sauna, spacious grounds along our campus overlooking a beautiful countryside, and even a stocked fishing pond.

Qualified Staff

Our treatment program has the dedication and support of our professional, medical and clinical staff. They are compassionate and knowledgeable and have decades of experience with chemical and addiction counseling, emergency medicine, and therapeutic treatment. We provide the highest quality medical care to our patients, and our high staff-to-patient ratio makes treatment intimate and focused.
While our clinical substance abuse program is key to the success of our patients’ treatment, our attentive staff and very focused service make recovery comfortable – like at home – instead of in a hospital. Learn about our staff.