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The Ridge Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program and Services

The Ridge substance abuse treatment program utilizes all appropriate levels of care and many different techniques in order to treat different clients. Because each person in recovery is unique and has a different history, we believe it is important to offer a variety of proven techniques. The following aspects of our program are all pieces that fit together to promote full and lasting healing.

The Ridge’s Substance Abuse Program

The residential substance abuse treatment program incorporates many elements of treatment including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Mindfullness, and Motivational interviewing (MI). Family visits and participation are valuable, and an encouraged part of recovery. Patients can also expect the following therapeutic components in their clinical care experience:

Residential Treatment

Residential addiction treatment is an effective way for many to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. This level of care ensures the client is well cared for, is able to eat healthy meals and get adequate sleep and exercise. It also means that the individual can get away from the stress of everyday life, including working at their job, running a household, caring for the children, and interacting in troubled or strained relationships. Those in residential treatment don’t have to worry about being affected by negative influences, or wasting their day away watching addiction-promoting movies or videos.

Instead, those in residential treatment are surrounded by positive influences, encouraging staff and peers, and constructive activities. It is a time for the individual to focus on their own health and wellness, and develop the skills they will need to sustain their sobriety long after rehab is complete.

The Ridge Nutritional Menu

In addition to these structured components of substance abuse treatment, patients are provided hearty meals prepared by our in-house chefs. One of the difficult aspects of the substance abuse recovery process is poor nutrition resulting from drug and alcohol addiction. The Ridge’s chef will address this problem by providing healthy, restorative meals for each patient, taking into account, as much as possible, food preferences, and any allergies. Our doctor will work with the chef and client to address any nutritional issues.

Physical Fitness Therapy

Part of recovering from a drug and alcohol abuse is developing and sustaining overall health. The Ridge is dedicated to helping individuals not only overcome their addiction, but replace the substance abuse with healthy behaviors and equip the person to remain sober, long after they leave our facility.

Our 51-acre estate is ideal for recreation and the enjoyment of nature. We promote recreation and exercise at our facility and surrounding areas so that our clients are strengthened physically and enjoy healthy activities that will help them look better and feel better as they recover.

The Ridge offers exercise options to complement the substance abuse program such as swimming, a sauna, spacious grounds along our campus overlooking beautiful countryside, and even a stocked fishing pond.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Substance abuse and addiction generally stem from experiences and factors in a person’s life. We all face trouble and difficulty in life and these events, and more importantly, how we deal with these events, shape our future. When an individual is working to overcome an addiction, it is important that they take a step back and look at their life, identifying problem areas and how the person has reacted to these areas. Many therapy models help clients recognize contributing factors to their addiction help them learn how to address experiences in a healthy way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most common therapy model used for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and it is one of the foundations of treatment at The Ridge. This form of psychotherapy treats problems and boosts healing by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Instead of the individual dwelling on negative things that happened in their past, this type of therapy helps the person work on improving how they react to difficulties and adjusting their thought processes. Rather than blaming others and their circumstances for their addiction, the person learns how to change their thinking to take responsibility for their own actions and work to build a positive future.

Support Groups Encourage Sobriety

Support groups are a vital part of long-term sobriety. When someone starts to feel alone and misunderstood they are at greater risk for relapse. Drugs and alcohol become for many people a crutch, a companion, and a way to get by in life. According to a report published in Psychology Today, individuals who remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol for five years relapse less than 15 percent of the time. A good way to remain sober in the years immediately following a residential rehab stay is staying involved in support groups and aftercare. Support groups provide emotional renewal, encouragement, and motivation to stay sober.

There are many types of support groups, and it is important to find one that is a good fit for the best results. A good fitting support group will make the individual feel comfortable being there, allow them to open up with other members, and make them want to remain sober during and after participation.

Music and Art Therapy

With the advancement of substance use treatment, many new therapy types have evolved in recent years. Several methods of healing have been around for centuries, however, including music and art.

Music and art have been used by societies for centuries to help with depression and other mental health conditions and to improve mood and even health. The Ridge programming uses music and art therapy to help individuals express their feelings and promote healthy emotions.

Yoga and Meditation

As an individual learns how to manage stress and deal with the pressures of life without using drugs or alcohol, there are different methods they can turn to when in need. Yoga and meditation are ways individuals can help refocus their mind and relax their body in order to effectively handle stress.

The Ridge’s yoga and meditation therapy program helps clients build strength, connect the mind and body, and refocus on sobriety. When used in connection with our psychotherapy sessions, yoga and meditation are extremely effective for recovery.

Qualified Staff

Our treatment program has the dedication and support of our professional, medical and clinical staff. They are compassionate and knowledgeable and have decades of experience with chemical and addiction counseling, emergency medicine, and therapeutic treatment. We provide the highest quality medical care to our patients, and our high staff-to-patient ratio makes treatment intimate and focused.
While our clinical substance abuse program is key to the success of treatment, our attentive staff and focused service make recovery comfortable – like at home – instead of in a hospital. Learn about our staff.

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