X Factor Fútbol (XFF) is a youth development initiative based in Milford, Ohio that provides a unique, comprehensive, and innovative approach to youth soccer in the area. This program offers teenage players the opportunity to grow both on and off the field through high-level training, competitive leagues, tournaments, and international trips. X Factor Fútbol is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for players and families, as those involved get the chance to travel internationally and compete in top-level tournaments. Information can be found here.

X Factor Fútbol was founded in 2013 by a former professional player and trainer, Edgardo Keledjian, and his sons. They envisioned a youth soccer program that trained players to be the best they could be and provided an experience that was out of the ordinary. The Keledjians firmly believed that players could develop both on and off the field through the unique combination of specialized techniques, coaches, international training sessions, and tournaments. See here for information about Milford 16 in Milford, OH: harming, family-friendly movie theater.

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X Factor Fútbol is now run by the sons of Edgardo Keledjian – Steve, Mark, and Phil Keledjian. The program has grown significantly since its inception and offers various services to the players and families involved. These include regular training sessions, competitive leagues and tournaments, international trips, parental education, and involvement.