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This article is written by, Amanda. Amanda chooses to keep her full name anonymous in concert with Alcoholics Anonymous. She is passionate about recovery and inspiring others to follow the path to recovery for life.

Are you afraid to get sober?

Have you ever thought or said, “I’m so scared of recovery”? If so, don’t worry you are completely normal. No matter how long you’ve been drinking or using, those substances have formed a habit in your life. When you feel depressed, you drink or use. When you feel confused about life, you drink or use. When you’ve just heard some great news, you drink or use to celebrate. Eventually, with every emotion that you’re able to feel, you now habitually reach for those substances.

One reason recovery seems so scary is that you have no clue how you will handle any situation, good or bad, without drugs or alcohol. It’s all you’ve known for so long. I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote from Albert Einstein, “if you want different results, do not do the same things.” So, this means you will need to form new habits to replace the old because what you’ve been doing isn’t working. I know that you’re thinking this seems impossible. I promise you, it’s not impossible.

Being Afraid To Stop Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol Is Normal

It is common for someone in recovery to have an experience similar to this “I’m scared of being sober because I’m scared of not having a crutch to lean on. When I’m drunk, I don’t have to worry about anything. I don’t have to think about my problems and I can just enjoy myself. But when I’m sober, all of those problems come crashing down on me and it’s just too much.” These thoughts are normal. If you are experiencing them, forming new recovery and relapse prevention habits is a good path to follow.

It’s also tough to commit to going to drug rehab where you will be away from friends family and vices. Fear of physical withdrawal symptoms also holds people back. These are rational fears. But the future can be so bright once you are on the other side of addiction with drug detox programs.

Forming New Habits In Recovery

The key to creating long-lasting new habits in your life is to make small, achievable goals for yourself. Starting by setting daily goals that incorporate your mind, body, and soul is a great way to lay a solid foundation for a beautiful life.

Things You Can Do To Take Your Mind Off Being Afraid Of Sobriety

  • When I feel happy and/or sad today, I will take a walk to observe the nature around me.
  • When I feel happy and/or sad today, I will read or listen to a book
  • When I feel happy and/or sad today, I will do some form of exercise (run, bike, swim, etc.)
  • When I feel happy and/or sad today, I will make someone else’s day a little brighter

You can insert any emotion and any action step into your own goals. When you achieve these small goals every single day, you are creating brand new habits in your life. You will begin to notice as the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, you’ve been accomplishing these things without giving much thought to them. Another thing you will notice is that you did all this without putting drugs or alcohol in your body, which will give you the momentum to keep pressing forward through everything you’re faced with.

You Don’t Have to Be Scared Of Recovery

Friend, it’s okay to feel scared about recovery. Just remember to start small because you can always build on that. If you’re willing to put in the work, you will receive all the rewards!

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