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Addiction can cause people to lose everything in life that they once loved. To get your life back the only option is to seek treatment from one of the best rehab centers in Ohio.

What should you look for in an Ohio drug rehab you might be wondering? Our guide details everything you need to know to make finding the right inpatient drug rehab centers in Ohio a more manageable task than it would be without our guide.

Continue reading now and take back your life.

Types of Rehab Programs

The programs provided in drug rehab in Ohio differ in several ways. For example, each program has a specific:

  • Duration of time for the program
  • Level of intensity
  • Location sight for the care given

These things need to be considered because they impact you drastically depending on which you decide to choose. Each treatment program has specific things they offer to those that seek treatment from there.

The first type of program is the outpatient treatment program. If you enter this program, you will remain at home and go through your daily life as usual.

The key difference is that you will visit the rehab facility to attend addiction therapy sessions and meet with your designated counselor. Another type of rehab program is known as residential treatment.

People that choose this form of treatment are housed in a nonmedical environment. Whilst in this environment the level of care they receive is intensive because it not only addresses addiction but also underlying health issues like mental illnesses.

Inpatient drug rehab centers in Ohio require that all patients stay at the location. It’s like residential care because the treatment program is intensive and hyper-focused on all aspects of addiction.

Make a List & Consider the Options

There are hundreds upon hundreds of treatment facilities out there. It’s up to you to take your time and weigh each option to ensure you choose the one that best fits your needs.

There are several things you’ll want to consider before making your final choice. The first is what you are expected to do while you’re in the rehab facility.

For example, are you expected to participate in several group and individual therapy sessions? Is there a specific time dedicated to meals?

During these specific mealtimes do you have to attend the meal even if you don’t wish to eat? Understanding what’s expected of you can help make the transition easier than if you just wing it.

It also helps to have something in writing so you’re clear about your rights while you’re receiving treatment. You also need to take some time to consider the methods the drug rehab in Ohio handles the topic of relapse.

Relapsing is a part of recovery and isn’t something to be ashamed of. If someone relapses how does the facility handle it?

Do they have people start again from detox or do they require that you leave treatment entirely? People don’t plan to relapse, but it happens, and you need to know how the rehab facility will support you if it happens to you.

Check Off the Checklist

When you seek help from a rehab you want to receive a quality level of care. To ensure this happens you should use our quality checklist to ensure you’re getting the best addiction rehab has to offer.

Some of the items to think about as you check items off the list include:

  1. Credibility of staff 
  2. Continuing care options
  3. Additional treatment support

Continue to read on from here to find out more in-depth information regarding each item of the checklist.

1) Staff Credibility

If you had a broken bone, would you listen to a clown about how to treat it? The answer is no, and the same idea should apply to addiction rehab.

The staff at the facility should be trained to properly handle all aspects of addiction rehab. For example, the nurses and doctors on staff that will help you through the detox process should pass all their certifications to have an RN or MD behind their names.

Not to mention there are a series of legal statutes in place they must abide by when taking care of patients.

2) Aftercare Options

What are you supposed to do if you finish treatment but you’re not ready to immerse yourself in your environment? The rehab facility you’re’ seeking treatment from should provide patients with a series of after-care options.

These options don’t just have to be moving into a sober living environment. They can also be offering a variety of meetings for people to attend when needed.

3) Additional Support

There will be times when you feel vulnerable and as if you can’t continue in your recovery journey. If you begin to feel like this, it’s time for you to tap into the resources provided by the rehab facility.

These resources might include a hotline for you to call to speak with the on-call therapist. It might also include having someone come out to your home and perform a wellness check.

Drug Rehabs For Different Types Of People And Circumstances

There are many different types of drug rehab and depending on your individual circumstance, there may be options out there for you that will provide a more individualized treatment plan. For instance, if you are pregnant and concerned about fetal alcohol syndrome, you may require a different level of medical care than a male abusing marijuana. Here are some of the different substance use disorder treatment centers that exist:

Choosing from the Best Rehab Centers in Ohio

Choosing from the best rehab centers in Ohio isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be impossible. We’ve given you a guide of sorts to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Are you ready to commit to your recovery journey and do what it takes to address your addiction head-on? Contact The Ridge and let us help you.

We know what it’s like to feel helpless and want to help restore the hope you have in a healthier tomorrow.

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