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There are thousands of rehab centers around the world, but none compared to the rehab centers in Ohio. We understand this is a tall order and you might begin to wonder what makes the rehab centers in Ohio better than anywhere else.

As you continue to read, you’ll find out the information you need to know about why we’re the number one choice. Get ready to begin your journey down recovery road after you check out what’s below.

How Does Rehab Work?

It’s important to know how rehab works when you enter addiction treatment in Ohio. The first step in treatment is detox.

When you use alcohol and substances for a long period of time it changes the way your body works and alters the chemicals in your brain. Because of this when you stop using any drug or substance your body begins to crave those substances which usually trigger people to use again.

We aren’t saying detox will be easy, in fact, it will be challenging, and you might face moments where you want to give up. However, detox is important because if your body isn’t free and clear of all substances you can’t move forward in treatment.

Mainly because you won’t be able to receive the information you’re being taught with an open and clear mind. As mentioned, detoxing can be challenging, and it can turn life-threatening depending on the amount of time you’ve been using your substance of choice.

After you’ve completed detox, you can move on to the next phase of treatment.

Working Your Program

After you’ve completed detox, you can begin to work on your program. The first step in working on your program is sitting down with the facility coordinator and determining the type of program that’s best for you.

Regardless of the program, you’ve chosen to enter you will undergo a combination of therapy treatments that include both individual and group sessions.

The best part of group sessions is you get to spend time with other people that are in addiction treatment and understand what you’re going through. In individual therapy sessions, you’ll do hard work getting to the bottom of your addiction.

Your counselor is not there to sugarcoat things for you, they’re there to help you embrace reality and the facts about your addiction. They’ll also help you learn the different coping tools you need as you continue in your recovery journey.

Our Approach

A lot of treatment facility centers follow the traditional approach which is the 12-step program. This program isn’t bad and is a method that has worked a countless number of times but in our Ohio rehab center, we take a more holistic approach to treatment.

For example, for families, we offer a program that focuses and centers on making a breakthrough in family relationships. This is beneficial for people that find themselves in a codependent and toxic relationship with their family members.

The benefit of finding the underlying cause of family issues and working through them is because after treatment you’ll need a support system. You also will need a place to return to that aids in your recovery instead of hindering it.

In these sessions you will learn:

  • What codependency looks like
  • Ways to ward off codependency
  • How to set boundaries
  • What support from loved ones looks like in addiction recovery

We also focus on providing quality after-care options for our clients. We don’t want the work you do in treatment to be in vain.

We offer 52 weeks of aftercare for everyone that completes our treatment program. Meetings in the aftercare program meet once a week in one of our outpatient offices.

This program stresses that people need to attend all meetings to ensure they remain on the right path.

In-Depth Assessments

We want to ensure the treatment program you enter is personalized to your needs. Addiction treatment isn’t one size fits all therefore you need to have an assessment performed to know the right treatment plan you need in your recovery journey.

During the assessment, a member of staff will sit and speak with you to determine the level of care you need. They’ll ask questions about the goals you wish to achieve and the circumstances surrounding your addiction.

The assessment will identify the level of help you need and help you learn what underlying conditions have contributed to your addiction.

Clear Rules

Our Ohio rehab center leaves no rock unturned and that means letting you know what the rules are and what you can and can’t bring to the treatment facility. You should bring typically personal hygiene products but there are several things you can’t have.

You are not permitted to bring a cell phone because you’re here to work on your recovery program, not to talk on the phone. There is a phone in the treatment facility but to use it you will need to be supervised.

You’re not permitted to bring any weapons or sexual materials.

Why the Rehab Centers in Ohio?

After everything you read above, you’re still wondering why rehab centers in Ohio are the right move? How about the holistic approach to addiction treatment?

Or perhaps the specialized aftercare we provide to everyone that completes our program. If you’re ready to start getting sober the only choice is the best Ohio rehab center, The Ridge.

Stop feeling like you’re out on a limb by yourself and let us help you back up over the edge. Your clean start begins now.

We want to help you along the way. Contact us today.

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